Experience Christmas and New Year
in Saint-Petersburg!

Visit Saint Petersburg and feel the atmosphere of some of the most popular Christmas and New Year Fairs. 

Crhistmas and New Year in St. Petersburg 2018


Did you know that in Russia, first, we celebrate New Year and then Orthodox Christmas? Therefore, here in Saint-Petersburg the holidays only begin on December 31, however, they last until January 9th. Despite this, the festive atmosphere is almost palpable. Lights and decorations are hung in the streets and in squares and parks, fairs and festivities are organized for all to enjoy.

Fair in Konyushennaya Street

Chirstmas fair on Konyushennaya street St. Petersburg

Walking along Nevsky Prospekt, you simply cannot miss this beautiful pedestrian street. Here people sell books and other trinkets and on New Year’s Eve, the street becomes one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in the city. This year the theme will be “Christmas Book Alley” and under the fairy lights, musicians and poets will perform to create a wonderful culture-filled experience. By the way, a stone’s throw from this fair is Kazan Cathedral and the famous Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood. Book one of the amazing 1-Day winter tours (A Winter day in Russia or Introduction to the City) with us and we will take you along Nevsky, around fairs to enjoy Christmas atmosphere, then visit a museum or cathedral. Our brilliant guides will give you all the invaluable information you will need. From choosing gifts to Russian traditions and history, you will be an expert in Russian festivities! 

Fair in Manezhnaya Square 

Christmas fair on Ostrovskogo square St.Petersburg 2018

Another Christmas Fair will open its gates on Manezhnaya square. Directly opposite Alexandrinsky Theatre and two steps off of Nevsky Prospekt, this square has always been a place for celebration for the people of Saint Petersburg and their guests and will welcome many more from the 12th of December. Come buy handmade gifts, taste numerous sweets and confectionaries, ice skate or even meet Santa Claus after he, as per tradition, flies down Sadovaya and Nevsky and lights the main tree of Saint Petersburg. 

Not far from this fair are the Fabergé Museum, Eliseevsky Store, the Academy of Russian Ballet and Rossi street, often said to be one of the most beautiful streets in the world and built on the principle of “Golden Section”. It would be our pleasure to help you choose your perfect route, organise magical winter tours (from Winter walk to the delightful 3-Day Winter Package) and buy tickets to museums or theatres, whatever your heart desires and all within walking distance from each other. 

Fair in Pioneer Square (12.12-13.01)

Christmas fair on Pionerskaya square St.Petersburg 2018
The largest Saint-Petersburg fair will open on December 12th and will last until January 13th. Visitors will immediately be taken in by the festive atmosphere and wonderful world that is this gingerbread town. Here you can learn about different traditions from many different countries as well as taste numerous delicatessen and drinks. Every year, merchants from India, China, England, Czech Republic, as well as newcomers from Vietnam offer endless wonders. From souvenirs to mulled wine, grog and mead (traditional Slavic drink) everything you see is a potential Christmas gifts for friends and family. 

Book a wonderful 2-Day Winter Drive tour and learn more about traditional Russian Christmas and New Year celebrations or if it gets too cold topside, a tour of the Saint-Petersburg metro is a wonderful way to warm up. Come see the most beautiful stations, old and new, one of them, two steps from the square. 

Fair on Moskovskaya square (12/12-13/01)

Christmas fair on Moskovskaya square St.Petersburg 2018
Is it ever possible to have too many celebrations? We in Saint-Petersburg certainly don’t think so! During the Christmas and New Year Holidays, there can never be too many places to have fun. Moscow Square is the largest in the city, therefore it is the perfect place to organise festivals and fairs. This year there will be beautiful pavilions with delicious gingerbread, mulled wine or hot chocolate, traditional Russian souvenirs, warm mittens and colourful, wool and down shawls and much more, to taste or take home. Wonderful warm food, cheerful music and an altogether festive atmosphere, Moscow Square Christmas Fair is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit! 

You can pass through the fair on your way to Tsarskoe Celo or Pavlovsk. It would be our pleasure to organise an excursion to the Catherine Palace with its world-famous Amber Room or walk around Pavlovsk Park, known for its stunning views and unique landscapes as well as tobogganing for the children, or any daring adults during one of the invigorating Winter tours. Warm mittens and shawls will be a must!

Fair in the Central Park of Culture and Sport (12/12-29/01)

Christmas fair on Elagin island St.Petersburg 2018
If you simply cannot wait until the end of December, no worries, a Christmas atmosphere is guaranteed from the 12th of December on Elagin Island. The setting of this fair in itself is beautiful. Elagin Island is also the Central Park of Culture and simply walking around the roman pavilions or looking out over the Finnish Gulf and the New Stadium makes for a wonderful day out. Here you will be able to taste gingerbread and hot mulled wine, just what one needs on a cold winter day! And if the food doesn’t warm you right up, here you will be able to buy warm hand knitted socks, take part in master classes in traditional Russian arts using glass, clay, metal and other fabrics and of course buy wonderful, unusual gifts to impress friends and family. 

There will be a great entertainment program for all ages as well a big ice rink. Lasting until the end of January, you simply cannot miss this fair.

Why not book a tour with us! We have a wide wariety of 100% Russian Winter tours: from a short 1-Day Introduction to the City to the Grand 3-Day Winter Package.  We will take you around the Hermitage (the main museum of the city) and then to Elagin Island. When the cold of the fair is too much, we will go to a wonderful local restaurant and if you still want more, there is a very interesting palace-museum on the island. 

Passage shopping gallery

Christmas fair in Passage shopping gallery St.Petersburg 2018
Saint-Petersburg weather – a thing of great unpredictability. Being on the shores of the Baltic Sea and the Finnish Gulf means that the weather in the city changes from one second to the next. Thankfully this does not mean you should cancel your plans to explore the city. If the frost, snow or wind is too strong, come take shelter in one of Saint-Petersburg indoor fairs. “Passage” is an indoor shopping street with quaint, old-fashioned boutiques and beautiful glass ceilings; it is one of the oldest places in Saint-Petersburg and remains unchanged to this day. Here you can buy exclusive souvenirs made of gold and silver, handmade textiles as well as hand-painted Christmas glass baubles. Elegant interiors and exquisite gifts are what await you in this stunning shopping gallery. 


Christmas gifts from St.Petersburg 2018

We would be delighted to take you to the Russian museum, highly praised as one of the most interesting museums in the city, a journey through Russian art, allowing you to learn and understand more about the culture and history of this country from its creation to present day. Just around the corner from the museum, walking down the beautiful Italianskaya street is “Passage”.

Hurry up and book, our perfectly planned Winter tours sell like lightning for Christmas and the New Year!

Christmas and New Year in St.Petersburg!

Did you know that in Russia, first, we celebrate New Year and then Orthodox Christmas?

Visit Saint Petersburg and feel the atmosphere of some of the most popular Christmas and New Year Fairs.

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